The Hunt - Tiger Stalk

Project Description

“The most exciting behaviour in the natural world is predation, but it has always been portrayed in the same way on screen: bloody teeth, marauding sharks, nature red in tooth and claw. Predators have always been perceived as impressive but aggressive animals, and in particular the kill has been the thing – in the past if you sent a crew out to film a predation sequence, the first thing that the Executive Producer would ask the director is, ‘Did you get the kill?’

Yet actually the kill itself isn’t interesting, because once animals have killed, the story’s over. What is interesting is the build up, the strategies adopted by both the predators and prey. This has never been looked at in detail, and that is the aim of The Hunt.”

Alastair Fothergill (Link below)

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    T.V. Documentary

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    Silverback Films & BBC Worldwide

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    Score Editor